PENTA Industrial bulk cement terminals

Bulk Cement Terminals – EPC Project

Designing and building industrial bulk cement terminals is one of PENTA’s fortes. We recently completed a distribution terminal in Owasso, OK as a two-phase EPC project. This bulk cement terminal replaced two portable transloaders that were used to transfer cement from rail cars to the bulk cement trucks.

Phase 1 included adding a permanent backup rail to truck transfer system to unload cement from the rail cars directly into bulk cement tanker trucks. This system included an incline screw conveyor feeding a dustless load spout. A pre-engineered rail shed provided weather protection for the rail pit. A containerized compressor room was installed to supply utility air to both the backup system and the main terminal system. A masonry building was built to providing space for the main electric room and the operator’s control station. This facility can be used to unload cement and other materials as necessary and acts as a backup to the main terminal system described in Phase 2.

Phase 2 consisted of installation of a 3000-ton steel bolted cement storage bin, a rail unloading system and an office/control room building. Cement is supplied to the silo by an incline screw and transferred to a bucket elevator. From the bucket elevator an air gravity conveyor discharges the cement into the top of the silo. The silo withdrawal system also includes a dustless load spout. A pre-engineered building provides weather protection for the rail pit. A 2-story masonry building was constructed to provide a storage room, restroom, control room, administrative office and kitchen facilities.

PENTA Engineering completed electrical, mechanical and civil/structural design. PENTA Industrial procured all equipment for the project, and provided construction services and a full time on site Construction Manager. Commissioning and startup services were successfully completed by both groups

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