As industrial minerals consultants with 30 years of experience, PEC Consulting Group has become a trusted resource to the mining & metals, minerals processing, coal, cement, lime, frac sand & proppants, and related industries. PEC Consulting is a division of PENTA Engineering Company which has been serving the Mineral Industries since 1986 not just with consulting services, but also with turnkey EPC and EPCM project solutions. Our team possesses collectively hundreds of years of hands-on operational experience as well as engineering expertise in surface and underground mining. This unique combination of skills is what gives PEC Consulting the ability to give clients professional advice to minimize risk.

We work globally with business owners, investors, and financial institutions to help each client plan, develop, and implement sound decisions from a technical, economical, and market standpoint. Our thorough and complete assessment of each project is the best insurance to reduce the risks associated with your investment in minerals.

Exploration & Geology

  • Identification of mineral resources
  • Exploration program design and management
  • Sampling protocols
  • Data analysis
  • Geological mapping and modeling
  • Resource and reserve assessment
  • Geological mapping quality gradations
  • Guidelines for hydrogeological studies (if required)

Mine Planning

  • Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Surface, underground, or transition from surface to underground planning
  • Mine development schedules
  • Selection of mining equipment
  • Capex estimates
  • Operating cost estimates
  • Transportation and logistics assessment

Raw Mix Design and Blending Strategy

  • Evaluation of limestone chemistry
  • Identification of additive raw materials
  • Evaluation of overburden as an additive
  • Preparation of optimum raw mix for quality and economics
  • Averaging the quality across the deposits to extend the mine life
  • Provide inputs to the mine plan to extend the life of the mine
  • Define the pre-blending strategy

Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Evaluations

Our geologists, minerals characterization specialist, and mining engineers direct the core drilling, sampling, geological mapping, mine planning, and reserve calculations to recommend the optimal raw mix design to extend the life of the mine.

Technical Feasibility Studies

We provide industry-specific advice on raw material resources, mine planning, mineral processing, plant and infrastructure requirements.

Bankable Feasibility Studies

We prepare the economic analysis that financial institutions require as support for financing a project. Our objective reports address the needs of both the investors and the lenders.

Plant Operation Studies

We conduct a thorough survey of the manufacturing facilities and identify where efficiency improvements can be realized. For example, we will assess if modification of existing equipment will benefit your facility or if installation of new equipment will provide a greater ROI. The focus is to find areas where improvements can be made where a payback can be obtained in 18 months-3 years.

Energy Efficiency Studies

Providing innovative and thoughtful solutions to improve your plant’s energy efficiency from an electrical and fuel standpoint is one of our goals. PEC Consulting also assesses the power potential and optimal configuration for Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems and the economic viability for a WHR based Power Plant.

Market Studies

Our cutting edge approach to market analysis will help you predict future growth potential, structure your pricing properly, analyse your competition, and keep abreast of potential risks.

Plant & Company Valuations

PEC Consulting will organize a comprehensive valuation which will take into consideration business assets, historical earnings, the current market, mining reserves, production methods, reliability, plant personnel, management, financials, and future projections. Every assessment is turned into a fair valuation due to our comprehensive approach. Additionally we use traditional valuation methods such as cash flow projections, comparative analysis with similar transactions, and multiple of EBITDA.

Economic Analysis

We provide clients with realistic operating and capital cost estimates, product pricing based on market trends and future growth forecasting to generate cash flow scenarios. The economics of an investment are then calculated from after-tax cash flows based on cost of capital (WACC).

Management Consulting

PEC Consulting advises clients to define and achieve goals through better utilization of resources, diagnosing problems in early stages, and then implementing the necessary changes to the organization.

Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions

We analyze the market, plant capabilities, energy usage, fuel sources, plant logistics, products and services, culture and values, commitment to social responsibilities, sustainable environmental footprint, and all current and/or future potentially negative issues.