PENTA Industrial designed and built this cement plant storage dome in a smart location that saved this client as much as $1 million in construction expenses in addition to substantial monthly savings for the energy needed to run the facility.

This particular project started from an existing pneumatic transfer pipeline between the finish mills and the truck loadout silos, and consisted of a 90,000 ton cement plant storage dome and materials handling system. The reclaim system was rated at 200stph.

This client had received proposals from other companies to build this cement plant storage dome in a location that was a large distance from the plant’s existing structures. From a logistics standpoint, this location would have been less efficient, and would have required a significant increase in the energy required to transport the cement to the storage dome. Additionally, building the dome at such a distance would have led to considerable increases in the cost of construction.

PENTA’s senior managers suggested the present location for the dome that other companies had missed. The location kept the storage dome significantly closer to the plant’s other structures, and allowed the facility to keep their existing roads without the need to rebuild new ones to accommodate the new dome. The end result was this client realized huge short-term and long-term cost savings due to using an experienced single source EPCM provider like PENTA.

PENTA offers turnkey EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) solutions for plant upgrades such as this cement plant storage dome and materials handling system. Smart and practical designs stem from PENTA’s employees possessing a wealth of operational experience working in the field as Plant Managers, Operations Managers, and Project Managers as well as their expertise in different engineering disciplines. PENTA has been partnering with clients in the cement. lime, mining, industrial minerals, coal, frac sand, agriculture, and metals industries for over 25 years.

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