Maximizing Logistics Efficiency

Designing and building distribution terminals and storage facilities using optimal logistics and materials handling practices is one of PENTA’s specialties. Our modular/containerized transfer terminal has an optimized design that has taken logistics to the next level by providing companies with a cost-effective solution for distribution to a satellite market. The terminal includes a quick-to-install modular rail unloader, automated truck load-out and storage bins. The design provides for extensive off-site prefabrication to minimize distribution downtime, reduce construction costs, and minimize installation time. PENTA can supply distribution terminals for cement, lime, frac sand, coal, mining, metals, and other industrial minerals markets.

PENTA Distribution Terminal Brochure

PENTA Distribution Terminal Selected Reference Projects

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Distribution Transfer Terminal Features:

      • Modular rail unloader
      • Elevator
      • Storage bin with dust collection
      • Automated truck loadout
      • Automated weight scale system
      • Rail shed for weather protection

A PENTA terminal can economically unload material into a bulk storage bin and ultimately load tanker trucks rapidly and dust-free. PENTA design incorporates easy access to equipment for both operational and maintenance aspects. Modular designs are economical and quick to install. An optional shed to fully cover the truck loading lane can also be added for weather protection.

 Modular Rail Unloader Features:

      • Heavy duty load design
      • Variable speed unloading rate
      • Integrated bootlifts
      • Integrated car vibrators
      • Heavy duty cover for wheeled loads support
      • Removable covers for eight feet of access
      • Simple and fast construction

The rail unloader can be installed in five to seven days with little construction labor. The pit assembly box forms the maintenance access to the reclaimer and has removable heavy plate covers. A unique feature of the modular rail unloader is the car vibrators, which automatically turn on and off depending on the transfer load. Thus, the modular rail unloader maintains its designed unloading rate. This system integrates into the rail site, whether the track is curved or on a straightaway.

cement distribution terminal - PENTA Industrial

Base Supply:

  • Modular rail unloader
  • Rail shed
  • Bucket elevator
  • Storage bins (concrete or steel)
  • Dust collector for truck loading spout
  • Ladder access to bin roof
  • Access platform and ladder to the loading spout for maintenance
  • Access port in hopper for air pads
  • Controls

Optional Supply:

  • Pre-fabricated office building
  • Truck loading shed
  • Foundations
  • Geotechnical and soil work
  • Electrical power
  • Roadways