Construction Manager Position

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA Compensation: Commensurate with Experience

Job Definition and Purpose:

Responsible for managing one single large project or multiple small construction projects simultaneously to ensure timely completion of projects to meet schedule, quality and financial objectives. Project types include EPCM, EPC and CM. The Construction Manager functions as the primary point of contact with the Owner’s Project Manager, Safety Director, Maintenance Manager, etc. as required. Functions as the liaison with the Engineering design team, and collaborates with the Engineering Project Manager to schedule and coordinate design deliverables. Interfaces with PENTA’s Purchasing Manager and Safety Director.  Supervises and coordinates multiple subcontractors or prime contractors depending on project delivery arrangement. Determines  staffing needed, tracks budget and prepares management reports to compare percentage of project completed vs. budget and objectives, closes and assesses projects upon completion. Seek new clients, serve existing clients and develop new business opportunities.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

The Construction Manager must be a very systematic, organized manager of the schedules, budgets and goals of a project.   Construction, Engineering and business expertise are essential to thoroughly understand the project and its goals as well as the resources and manpower required to successfully complete the project within budget.

High-level proficiency in utilizing computer software for project report generation, cost estimating and scheduling.

Good written and verbal communication skills are necessary to keep all project stakeholders informed about the progress of the project, and to interface with company personnel and the Owner.  The ability to gain cooperation from the team assigned to the project, and to get quality and timely completion of construction deliverables is essential to success in this position.

The Construction Manager is generally stationed at the project site, but is also required to visit the home office for project meetings, safety training, etc.  Travel associated with vendor and contractor meetings and business development is also required.  Strong computer, spreadsheet and specialized software skills are required in this position along with the ability to organize and analyze information into a format which clearly shows the status of the project(s).

The Construction Manager is trained in PENTA’s high-temperature corrosion coating applications.  On site supervision of coating projects to achieve safety, quality and financial goals is required.

Project sites may require exposure to industrial haulage equipment, elevated structures, and plant processes which generate dust and elevated temperatures. While on the project site, it may require the capability to climb ladders and stairs, walk over uneven terrain, bend, stoop, kneel and stretch.  Handling stick files may require lifting up to 30 lbs. on the job.

Essential Duties and Responsiblities:


  • Assists in the development and submission of project proposals. Includes developing a competifive proposal strategy, scope definition, cost estimating and budgeting, site visit and inspection, collaboration with engineering, equipment suppliers, contractors/subcontractors, and specialty consultants.
  • Determines manpower needed in various departments to complete the defined project during preparation of proposal; provides input to budget as required to estimate project needs and costs.
  • Evaluates a project and determines optimum project execution plan in terms of equipment, material, and construction bid packages based on the client, project location, level of dificulty, etc.


  • Monitors and controls cost elements of budget.  Directly responsible for profit and loss of a project.
  • Establishes staffing requirements and communicates project objectives, needs and budgetary requirements to all project stakeholders.
  • Lead and collaborate with Engineering and Purchasing to prepare Request For Proposals (RFP) for equipment and material supply packages.  Evaluate proposals, negotiate scope and terms, and make recommendation for award.  Lead the preparation of Purchase Orders to vendors and suppliers.
  • Lead and collaborate with Engineering and Purchasing to prepare RFP’s for construction bid packages. Evaluate proposals, negotiate scope and terms, and make recommendation for award. Lead the preparation of contracts/subcontracts.
  • Colaborates and coordinates with the Owner’s Safety Director and monitors and reports on safety compliance of contractors/subcontractors.
  • Administers material and equipment supply and construction contracts/subcontracts in a thorugh manner. Reviews and approves vendor and contractor/subcontractor payments.
  • Coordinates information between design team, contractors, suppliers and client to ensure that client objectives are met during each phase of the project.
  • Maintains data comparing progress on the project with established objectives and budget to prepare reports for management describing progress and problems occurring during the completion of the project.
  • Monitors quality of design and drawings and acts as liaison between contractor, supplier, designers, engineers, and other staff working on the project team; identifies problems and resolves issues that arise as efficiently as possible.
  • Provides information on status of project in project team meetings; communicates updates and changes; coordinates with various team members and departments to gain cooperation in successful completion of project within budget; keeps client updated and informed.
  • Maintains all current project records (environmental and construction permits, reports, material testing, inspections, regulatory agency inspections and certifications, design drawings and data, PO’s, contracts/subcontracts, shop drawings, RFI’s, Change Orders, Schedules, O&M manuals, punch lists, as-built drawings, etc.) at the site.
  • Point of contact for all Regulatory Agencies – local, state and federal for on site project construciton, environmental and safety inspections.
  • Coordinates field engineers, programmers, and equipment vendor field technicians for start up and commissioning.
  • Coordinates all equipment and system performance acceptance testing required by contract for guarantees.
  • Insures complete turn-over of all project information (as-built drawings, shop drawings, inspection reports, performance guarantee documentation, equipment O&M manuals, etc.) to the Owner at conclusion of project.
  • Extensive travel and short and long term temporary residency at construction sites as work dictates.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management or Engineering or combined education and experience to meet the job requirements.
  • Minimum of 10 years in professional position with leadership/supervisory responsibility in heavy-industrial market sectors.
  • Competency in utilization of computer software programs (Windows suite, cost estimating, scheduling, etc.). Knowledge of basic project accounting methods and procedures.
  • Knowledge of bulk material handling and storage systems, crushing, screening, and grinding systems, pyro-processing systems in cement and lime manufacturing, mining and minerals processing equipment.
  • Knowledge of  construction techniques for deep foundations, reinforced concrete, structural steel erection, mechanical equipment installation and electrical construction, and the ability to perform constructability reviews.
  • Understanding of the engineering design process and how to evaluate engineering progress, PENTA company procedures and quality criteria and procedures.
  • Ability to perform construction cost estimating and construction scheduling.
  • MSHA and OSHA certification and First Aid Training.
  • Excellent people management and motivational skills; good understanding of problem solving approaches and techniques.
  • Familiarity with reference materials and where/how to find information needed in professional work.
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to coordinate work with other staff members.
  • Strong organization skills to effectively manage time and resources in the most efficient manner.
  • Commitment to maintaining the PENTA’s professional image and reputation with error free work.


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